Better Life Cleaning Products Review

Better Life at White Oak Family Wellness

Glass Cleaner, All Purpose Cleaner, Wood Cleaner and Hand Soaps

What is Better Life?

Better Life is a company that was started by two fathers who wanted to create non toxic cleaning products because they noticed their kids would crawl all over the floor, and as most kids do, put things in their mouths to explore! Better Life products are all made from plant derivatives and essential oils, and safe enough that the creators say you can even eat/drink them!

Before I review the products that we ordered, a word on the importance of decreasing environmental toxins in your life.

Environmental Toxins

Many of the chemicals we encounter in our everyday lives can interfere with most of our bodily systems. Bisphenol A (BPA) can have brain and behavioral effects on fetuses and children. Fluoride is a neurotoxin and potentially tumorigenic if swallowed. Parabens cause hormone disruptions. Phthalates are linked to reproductive abnormalities. That is just to name a few. It’s equally important to note how these household toxins can be risk factors or aggravators for neurodevelopmental conditions. “It is well recognized that autism results from the disruption of normal brain development during prenatal development and/or very early life. Genetic studies have pointed to genes that regulate how brain cells connect to each other. There is now growing evidence that certain environmental factors, including chemicals, can similarly affect brain development, in doing so, may increase the risk for autism and other developmental disorders.”

At White Oak Family Wellness we understand the importance of decreasing environmental toxins, which is why we’ve taken certain measures to keep our office safe for our patients. Take time to talk to your nearest holistic health practitioner to find ways that you can decrease your family’s toxic load.

Better Life Product Review

Ok, back to the Better Life products. So, we ordered them about a week after the Shark Tank appearance, which did cause a delay in shipment of our order because of the overwhelming demand. The website ( is pretty self explanatory and easy to navigate. They offer free S&H for orders over $25 and they have created special kits, such as the New Baby Essentials. We ordered the What-Ever All Purpose Cleaner, I Can See Clearly, Wow Glass Cleaner, Oak-Y-Dokey Wood Cleaner (of course), and the No Regrets and Go Forth And Conquer Natural Hand Soap.

I immediately took out the All Purpose Cleaner and cleaned out our mini fridge in the office. In terms of cleaning it worked well. The fridge didn’t have any tough stains, so I can’t speak to the cleaners ability to get out difficult stains but for everyday cleaning its quite easy to wipe away a mess. It was great being able to clean a fridge and not have to worry about spraying cleaner near food and best of all you don’t have to spray it and wait before you wipe. It has a very light scent that is not overwhelming at all and you might not even notice it. The labels on the products are very informative as well. They explain what surfaces to use the product on, directions, scent, how they are safer for people and the planet, performance and what makes them non toxic. They also have a clever ingredient summary that looks like nutrition facts. This specific product uses plant derived cleaning agents from coconut, corn and amino acids.

Ingredient summary for better life products

Better life product labels

Next, I used the Glass Cleaner, which was fabulous! This might be my favorite cleaner of them all because I didn’t have a proper cloth and had to use a paper towel but it still cleaned the bathroom mirrors with ease and without any streaks. The product is completely scent free. It uses plant derived cleaning agents from coconut and palm kernel and corn.

The Wood Cleaner was the last one I tried. If you’ve seen our office you know there is a lot of wood, so I’m glad we found this cleaner, it does the job. For now I just tried it on the wood trim and window sills and was able to easily wipe away the dust and dirt. I like that it didn’t leave an oily, polished look, but I know some people prefer that, if so I’m not sure you’ll like this wood cleaner. I plan on trying it on the wood floors and think it will work well because it won’t leave a slippery polish behind. It is cinnamon and lavender scented and again is not an overwhelming scent at all. This product uses plant derived cleaning agents from soybean and jojoba oil.

Lastly, the Go Forth and Conquer hand soap is sage and citrus scented, which is exactly what it smells like. Its a light scent when you smell it out of the bottle, it does not linger at all after you wash your hands with it. The No Regrets soap is mint and citrus scented, it mostly smells like mint and seems strong when you smell it out of the bottle, but again when used the smell doesn’t linger on your hands. Neither of them foam up a lot, which is great because we know there are no Sulfates in the products!

Overall, we’re big fans of the Better Life products that we’ve tried at White Oak Family Wellness and will be long time customers.

P.S. My favorite part of the label are these cute tidbits:

Better life products at white oak family wellness

Please recycle me. I want to come back as a hang glider

Dr. Neha Shah
Chiropractic Physician | Webster Technique Certified
White Oak Family Wellness
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Note: Neither of the doctors at White Oak Family Wellness were paid for this review, nor were they given any of these products for free.

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White Oak Family Wellness is a whole health clinic located in St. Charles, IL. Services include chiropractic, acupuncture and nutrition. Additionally, each doctor has specialized training in different fields: Dr. Neha Shah specializes in pediatric care, maternal and prenatal wellness and neurodevelopmental disorders of children. Dr. Phillip Gamble specializes in rehab, corrective exercises as well as golf fitness.
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    Keep the posts coming it was helpful

  2. Karen Moon says:

    On my 2014 ‘to-do’ list – natural cleaning products. 🙂

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