White Oak Family Wellness is a chiropractic clinic in St. Charles, IL with a mission to provide patient specific services that will aid in improving health, with an emphasis on rehabilitationpediatric health and pre-natal care. Chiropractic care focuses on the function of the joints and how that function can affect active daily living. A joint that has become dysfunctional can cause degeneration, hinder performance and affect the nervous, immune and organ systems of the body. Chiropractic treatment involves locating these dysfunctions and correcting them through manipulation as part of a patient-centered treatment plan aimed at whole body wellness.  White Oak Family Wellness educates patients on their own health while providing chiropractic manipulationacupuncturenutrition, rehabilitationKinesio Tapingmanual therapies and physiotherapy.

For more information, visit www.whiteoakwell.com or call (630) 442-0057
or visit our Google local Chiropractor in St. Charles, IL page

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